About // The Lookout Music

The Lookout Music is a collective of creatives and musicians, working together to create and distribute independent music projects. When you're first getting started as an artist, there are a lot of uncertainties and questions you may have about the music industry, and often, don't know where to begin to look for answers. The Lookout Music provides artists with the direction, support and connections you need to begin pursuing your career. Our goal is to produce projects with a more modernistic approach , eliminating many of the barriers a new artist can face starting out in the industry. 

The Process

One of the biggest obstacles many new artists must overcome is their budget (or lack there of). The Lookout Music specializes in low cost, creative solutions, so you can stretch your dollar to the absolute maximum. We're able to do this by providing our artists access to The Lookout Media, specializing in video production, photography, web design and brand management. Additionally our network of musicians, producers and recording studios are always willing to reduce their rates to work on projects they believe in.

The Lookout Mixtape

The first project from The Lookout Music, "The Lookout Mixtape," combined the talents of over 90 writers, producers, musicians, engineers and directors from every corner of the music industry. The collaborative project features 10 original songs from Nashville, TN independent recording artists, Tyler Filmore and John Gurney. "The Lookout Mixtape" was released last summer as a FREE download and is distributed online through several platforms including this website. Additionally, hard copies of the mixtape are sent out with every online order from The Lookout Clothing, the apparel store for The Lookout Music.

The Lookout Music set out to modernize the way artists in Nashville produce, record and distribute their music. By utilizing The Lookout Music's network of artists and creatives, we were able to produce, print and distribute a full 10 song original project (featuring 5 professional music videos) with a budget of under $5,000.

The Lookout Collective 

The Lookout Music is always looking for new artists and producers to collaborate with on their projects. Our goal is to help artists produce and create all of the tools they need to take the next step in their careers. If you would like to work with The Lookout Music on your upcoming project, please contact Chase Lauer at